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Fukuoka, Japan: From Ruby Community to Ruby Business  
Special Event

Date and Time
November 3, 2011
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

RSVP Required by 5PM November 2

Kenjiro Takenami - Director at Ruby Software Business Development Project Commercial and Industrial Policy Division Fukuoka Prefectural Government
Eihiro Saishu - Founder/CEO at Nautilus Technologies
Kazuaki Tanaka - Associate Professor at School of Computer Science and Systems Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology

Fukuoka, Japan is home to 800 local software development companies with numbers increasing 20% annually. The region is ranked fifth in Japan for the total number of software businesses and total software sales revenue. The Fukuoka government recognizes the potential of Ruby programming and has taken steps to become the largest, most advanced center in the world for Ruby businesses.

This seminar will focus on the Fukuoka government’s efforts to build a community around the Ruby programming language and how they promote growth of Ruby-based businesses in the region.
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Featured TOPICS

Fukuoka and the Ruby Community
Fukuoka is home to Japan’s largest community of Ruby developers. Ruby is a dynamic, open source pro­gram­ming lan­guage with a focus on sim­plic­ity and pro­duc­tiv­ity. It was developed in Japan, and Ruby-related business flourishes there. In Fukuoka, the government is leading efforts to support R&D, business expansion, human-resource cultivation related to Ruby, and supporting entrepreneurs to create new businesses. Mr. Takenami will talk about the efforts and progress made by Fukuoka in promoting Ruby businesses, discuss why Ruby was selected as an economic development opportunity, and articulate reasons why the government is supporting the community.

Introducing the "Tengine Framework"
Large-scale Internet businesses like Google and Facebook employ distributed processing technology to handle large volumes of data and transactions. Although distributed technology is generally used for applications in the area of business intelligence, in Japan this technology is increasingly applied to the core systems of corporations. The effective utilization of such systems requires the flexible exchange of system components in response to the conditions of the distributed system. Nautilus Technologies developed the “Tengine Framework (formerly named, Monkey Magic)” middleware to meet these needs, and recently received the Ruby Award in recognition of this achievement.

As an example of one of Fukuoka’s most successful Ruby businesses, Mr. Saishu will provide an introduction to Tengine. Based on actual examples, he will look into  questions of how distributed systems are utilized in corporations in Japan and the effect Tengine brings to these systems.

Introducing "Ruby Lite"
Professor Tanaka has teamed up with Matz, the inventor of Ruby to develop "Ruby Lite". Ruby Lite improves on Ruby’s processing system to enable highly productive adaptations to Ruby and increase productivity in the field of embedded system development.

The team is considering a range of applications for Ruby Lite, targeting various types of hardware that require electronic control, beginning with electrical appliances. Professor Tanaka will present an overview of the research and introduce the future outlook for business development related to Ruby Lite, illustrating how research and development efforts in Fukuoka related to Ruby are leading to new commercialization opportunities.


Kenjiro Takenami is Director of Ruby Software Business Development Project Commercial and Industrial Policy Division Fukuoka Prefectural Government and is responsible for the Fukuoka’s software industry development efforts. Takenami is the former Executive Director of the Fukuoka Center for Overseas Commerce in America, based in Silicon Valley.

Eihiro Saishu is the founder and CEO of Nautilus Technologies, a Japanese company that specializes in distributed systems using the “Asakusa Framework” for large-scale core batch processing in Hadoop. Saishu, as a representative of “Ruby Business Commons,” Japan’s largest Ruby community, contributes greatly to the popularization of Ruby in Japan.

Kazuaki Tanaka is Associate Professor, School of Computer Science and Systems Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology. In addition to lecturing on programming, databases and embedded systems, he conducts research on embedded, real-time robot control and information security. He is currently involved in research and development efforts with Ruby inventor, Matz, seeking to apply Ruby to the development of embedded systems with the goal of open sourcing Ruby Lite (Rite VM) by April 2012.

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